Technology is changing recruitment

Technology is evolving recruitment rapidly, social media and digital platforms have come to be ever more immersed in our day-to-day lifestyles but now we use it for so much more. One good example is found in the recruitment process, 50% of companies are now making use of various kinds of social media to attract almost every grade of staff. Over 90% of job hunters use mobiles or cell phones to aid with the job search, most recruitment websites now have active chatbots to respond to questions and perhaps even to screen prospects and big internet-based recruiters are now turning to a to produce quicker and smarter choices.
Leading companies are using advanced tech to find better prospects, securing large amounts of data related to different sectors and even creating an entire new sector within recruitment to provide innovative hiring on platforms like LinkedIn having said that artificial intelligence is set to be the most advanced step, in the foreseeable future it’s very likely the latest hires will be picked out for job interviews in the absence of any human contribution.
As with all trends, achieving success relies on firms investing in the training and development of individuals who will use them. Social Media, Search Optimization and Employment CRM are all just resources – the key pattern we ‘d prefer to see develop is a commitment to training employment specialists to master them.
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