Ten Things To Avoid In Artificial Grass In London

As a homeowner, you have probably thought of having your artificial grass in London. However, if you are unsure what to do, here are ten things to avoid: Using tiki torches, smoking near the lawn, and using an inferior drainage system. Read on to find out why it is essential to avoid these things! Also, learn how to maintain your new lawn by following these tips properly!

A warning for smokers: do not smoke near artificial grass in London. Although these surfaces are heat and fire-resistant, they are not resistant to ash. Cigarette smoke and embers from fireworks can burn these surfaces. Furthermore, sun rays reflecting off the turf can melt synthetic materials. Therefore, smokers should avoid areas with artificial grass. But what if you can’t avoid smoking? Do you have any other options?


Avoid damaging of Artificial Grass in London

A fire pit or grilling area is an excellent addition to your garden, but you must exercise extreme caution when using one. Hot ashes and embers can burn the turf and cause the plastic fibers to melt. Moreover, smoking near artificial grass in London can lead to the same problem. So, make sure you stay away from your lawn to avoid damaging your artificial turf. Here are some other things you should avoid doing while using your grill or BBQ in artificial grass London:

A sub-base is the layer of materials underneath your artificial grass in London. Without a sub-base, the fake grass would be unstable, leading to problems with sagging and settling. Sub-bases are essential for artificial grass installations on soil, not on concrete or decks. The primary materials used as sub-bases include MOT Type 1 and limestone chippings. You should lay a 50mm layer of MOT Type 1 underneath your lawn, followed by a 25mm layer of granite dust.

Sub-base of Artificial Grass in London

When it comes to sub-base, there are a few things that you need to know. For example, if you plan on installing a lawn with a depth of 50mm, you will need to apply one ton of sub-base per ten square meters of area. For a 75mm-thick lawn, you’ll need 1.5 tons of sub-base. You can also use stone chippings or crushed concrete.

When installing a new lawn in your garden, it is essential to consider how well the area drains. You may have to excavate the ground entirely before you begin laying the artificial grass in London. Once the soil has been excavated, you will then lay the porous material that eventually becomes the grass. Drainage systems will vary from garden to garden, and you should also do your research to determine which system is best for your particular needs.

Final Thoughts

A poorly designed artificial grass in London will eventually need to be replaced if a faulty artificial grass installation causes the problem, natural geological problems, or an outdated drainage system. The costs and time involved in repairing a drainage issue can quickly add up. And if you do not want to spend the time and money to replace the lawn, you may as well get rid of it altogether. Having an artificial lawn installed is a great way to increase the value of your property, but a poor drainage system may cause problems in wet weather.

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