The Divorce Process Highway

The divorce process can be complicated.
On one hand, you have the emotional factor of ending your marriage. Your kids may be spending less time with you now and you are feeling lonely without a significant other. There is also the legal aspect of divorce. Here is where things get very serious. If you are asleep at the wheel during your divorce you will end up owning a lot less than you did prior to your divorce.
All of the legal terminology, formula calculations, and multiple variables make it tempting for the average person to just want to throw their hands in the air and give up. But don’t do that. We have a solution. We broke down the divorce process into a step by step, easy to follow, easy to understand infographic. Our aim is to simplify the divorce process and make it so you can approach each step with strength and confidence.
From filing for divorce and identifying the parties to mediation and the final divorce decree – this infographic covers it all. Enjoy!
Divorce Process Highway
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