The Future of Distance Learning

Schools across the world are shutting their doors in preventative measures against the COVID-19 outbreak. In efforts to extend the education every student is entitled to, K-12 schools and universities are transitioning into online learning. However, students can face challenges in remote learning – especially given the sudden switch in their environment.
However, online learning simultaneously provides many benefits. As education goes mobile, student engagement has grown, as well as their satisfaction. The popularity surrounding online learning has also driven many students to realize they want to continue their education through virtual means. For example, the COVID-19 eLearning dynamic has influenced many to return to their alma mater and continue their higher education.
On the other hand, educators are benefiting as well. eLearning systems have given teachers and professors the opportunity to use video, artificial intelligence, and a plethora of other technologies in the classroom. The use of EdTech frees their time, providing them with more room to focus on content preparation.
The question is: after we defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, will eLearning stick, or will it fade? The infographic below contains all of the data you’ll need to shape an understanding.
Future Of Distance Learning
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