The Glue to Technology

In a technologically driven society, it’s difficult for many of us to put our phones down. Whether we are at work, in class, or on the roadways, we feel obligated to become glued to our phones in order to stay connected with the outside world. Whether it’s via emailing, social media, or browsing the web- our smart phones seem like they can do almost everything we need to stay in touch with our peers.
As we all know, avoiding cell phone use while driving is something we should all consider in order to remain safe on the roadways. We are constantly bombarded with stories of teens and families who were injured in automobile accidents due to texting and driving. In fact, texting and driving fatalities are constantly on the rise.
As a society, we can all take part to keep our roadways safer. Talking with teens and our peers regarding how life-threatening and dangerous it can be to interact with your cell phone while driving or focusing on an additional task is advised. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to listen to your message. A great tool for demonstrating the dangers of texting and driving is this distracted driving video game, where users can safely operate a computer car via their keyboard. Users must dodge the distractions on the roadways, similar to distractions that must be avoided while driving down the highway or roadway.
Take a stance. Pledge to put your phone down while you are walking, driving, or should have your attention in other places.Glue to Technology

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