The Must See Destinations of Kerala Tourism

Are you exploring an incredible place to spend your vacations? Do you really like to visit a state which remains out of the ordinary? If that is the case with you, you should select something like Kerala tourism. The prettiness of Kerala has no comparison. You cannot simply imagine the beauty and lavishness of Kerala, since it is something that stays beyond the imaginations of people. People choosing this state for spending their vacation will feel the pride of visiting a simply astonishing state ever. People who would like to visit the stunning place will find Kerala an ideal choice to go with.
The destinations which you should visit in Kerala are as follows,
Kochin is one of the famous cities of Kerala. It is said to be “mini Kerala”. In this city, you can enjoy various spots which include fort, boat houses, cruise, exquisite beaches, seasonal foods, fishing and more. Kochin consists of different types of tourisms which are heritage tourism, beach tourism and backwater tourism. The city is filled with conventionally built temples, colonial homes, museums, churches, busy markets and more. People visiting the city will feel the delight of experiencing the most beautiful city of Kerala. You cannot find this much beauty in one city.
Kovalam is a small town in Kerala. But it is a well known town too. This small town contains three marvelous beaches which are samudra beach, light house beach and hawa beach. Those three beaches will take you to the new world with its immense beauty and outlook. You can find stunning and exceptional beach resorts at Kovalam. It is one of the most admirable cities of Kerala. Generally, tourist people come to visit Kerala will never skip visiting Kovalam.
Besides all those things, Kovalam is a very famous honeymoon destination in Kerala. So, you could easily find more newly wedded couples there. The above mentioned three beaches are the perfect destination for various beach activities which are sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and playing. Without any doubts, Kovalam would be the dream spot for the newly wedded couples and people who would like to crave the awe-inspiring city.
Alleppey is an irresistible and enticing city of Kerala. Both beach tourism and backwater tourism are possible in Alleppey. This is a city named for its beautiful rivers, small lakes and other water sources. This city will match the people who would be fond of craving peace and calmness. Yes, you can enjoy the surroundings of the city with ultimate tranquility. You will never experience any unwanted sounds or noises. Rather, you can make your mind and soul calm once you visited this city. People who would like to drain out their tensions will find this an appealing city to visit.
Do not think that, Kerala tourism is simply a place for gardens, beach houses and other things. Rather, you can find traditionally built temples. The temples out there in Kerala are slightly different from other state temples. Besides various temples, the Chottanikara Bhagavati Amman temple is a very popular one.

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