Three Technologies Changing the Face of Construction

Here is a fascinating infographic  from the London based construction claims consultant called 53 Quantum that provides lots of facts about various new technologies that are revolutionizing the construction industry.
Check out information about robotics, 3D design and printing and artificial intelligence and machine learning by viewing this great looking piece.
Construction is a vital industry, employing around 7% of the world’s workforce. With COVID-1 9 accelerating the digitization of the construction industry, things really are starting to speed up. Here are three technologies set to change the way the industry operates.

  • According to a study, the industrial robotics market is set to grow by 175% across the next ten years.
  • By 2025, it is predicted that 34% of the robots sold will be collaborative, designed to work alongside humans.
  • Previously, collaborative robots only constituted 3% of robots sold in 2016
  • Some of the most common robots in construction include self-driving vehicles, computer-controlled manufacturing \ robots, drones and large-scale 3D printers
  • Configuring robots for the construction industry is complex and can be prohibitively expensive

3D design and Printing:

  • In 2017, a company announced they had 3D printed a building in 24 hours
  • Common methods of 3D printing in construction include extrusion (concrete, foam, wax or polymers), powder bonding (polymer bond, reactive bond or sintering) as well as additive welding
  • NASA is currently looking at the possibility of utilising 3D printing and design technology to produce extra-terrestrial structures
  • 3D modelling is turning blueprints into stunningly realistic virtual walk throughs of buildings, speeding up the design process without sacrificing quality
  • 3D design as well as 3D printing robotics could develop a far more efficient way to produce structures whilst allowing for greater Pow technical freedom in design


  • Al could be used to help prevent cost overruns, utilising predictive models
  • Through using artificial intelligence to capture 3D imaging of a project and using a deep neural network to study that data, project planning and monitoring can be vastly streamlined
  • Despite the advances Al brings to construction it is unlikely to replace human workers completely for a very long time
  • Robotics, Al and other technology-driven advances could reduce building costs by up to 20%
  • Construction is one of the least digitized industries, proving slow to properly utilize the benefits of Al and automation
  • COVID-19 is set to change this, with more and more construction companies starting to utilize innovative solutions, massive change is to be expected in the coming years

Three Technologies Changing the Face of Construction
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