Time is Money

Productivity is an important factor in assessing how well a business is performing, but are employees truly working as well as they could be?
Daydreaming, chatting, trying to get comfortable… Wasting time at work is something we all do, even if we’d rather not admit it. However, many people are unaware of how these little distractions and diversions throughout the day can add up to cost A LOT of money.
Statistics show that 89% of people waste time at work on social media sites like Facebook which costs the economy up to 25 billion pounds…
The lovely people over at Chronologic have created an infographic for employees and employers alike outlining how people waste time on a daily basis and consequently how much this costs business’s and the economy as a whole. They have also included few little tips as to how to reduce the impact of distractions and minimize time wasting.

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