5 Tips for Balancing Homeschooling and WFH

Whether you normally homeschool your child, or are having to take on the extra responsibility during the pandemic while schools are closed, it’s not easy to balance keeping your little ones on track with their curriculum while also working.

However, you are not in this boat alone — many parents just like you are juggling work along with managing your child’s virtual learning. If you’re new to homeschooling, or are looking for a few tips to make your life easier during this challenging wear-many-hats period, take a look at the tips below.

1.  Adjust Your Sleep Routine

You might not want to wake up even earlier than you already do, but it will probably be necessary while you are homeschooling and working from home. Before your child wakes up is the ideal time to get some work done as the house will be quiet enough for you to concentrate. You could also use this time to prep for the day, make kids meals, and get some exercise.

Particularly if you are dealing with fussy eaters, you’ll have to plan in advance to create meals for picky eating. Don’t neglect your morning rituals, from having a strong cup of coffee to doing a five minute meditation. Caring for yourself is still a priority.

2. Designate Spaces for Work and School

It’s more important than ever to stay really organized at home. If your child’s books and school materials are spread throughout the house, you’ll constantly struggle to find things, which will be time consuming and stressful. A specific workstation for your child will also help them stay focused as they will subconsciously recognize the space as a place for learning. Designate a specific area of the house to schoolwork.

Depending on their age, you can either set up a desk for them in your home office, in their bedroom, or in a central location like the living room or a hallway. Be sure you follow this rule as well and work in your home office, rather than at the kitchen table. It’s better for productivity and will help you separate your work and life.

3. Do the Hardest Tasks First

When you have a full day of work stretching ahead of you, you’ll naturally want to push the hardest tasks to later. It’s much easier to start with emails than create a complicated report, but during this homeschool/WFH period, we recommend getting those tough tasks done first.

You don’t know what is going to pop up later in the day with your kids that will take your attention away from work and it’s better to have the hardest tasks checked off your list. You can always write emails later while your child is on a Zoom call with their class as emailing doesn’t require as much focus.

Take this same strategy and apply it to your child’s work as well. Go ahead and get the subject they like the least over with as early in the day as possible. Your brains are the most fresh in the morning. Plus, you will both feel a sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day.

4. Schedule Time for Quiet

Kids have a lot of energy. Sometimes you just need to make quiet time a part of your child’s routine to get them to understand the importance of a little peace in the house. If you make it a daily practice to take one hour after lunch for quiet activities or a nap, your children will know that it is coming and will be more accepting of it. While they color, read, or play quiet games, you can use the time to get some work done or take a break yourself.

5. Make Playtime Outside

By 5pm, you have already had a long day and your kids are likely restless. Outdoor sports teams are great for kids who are homeschooled, but if they still aren’t meeting due to the virus, then be sure to let your kids play outside. Fresh air and exercise make for happy and healthy kids and being outside is great for you, too, especially after you’ve been cooped up in the house all year.

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