6 Productive Tips that Increase Writing Efficiency

Most students don’t have time to discover the nuts and bolts of each writing task assigned to them by their instructors. They learn simultaneously while having enough on their plate each time. But sometimes, just a few tips implemented diligently can make up for in discipline and achieve that boost of good performance which will help you flaunt good results in your report card.
Observe a Strict Writing Schedule with Scrupulous Punctuality
Everyone wants to live a life like a movie star who knows his opponents every next move and responds with perfect timing. But let’s face it, that doesn’t happen in real life. In real life people usually stay up late and then oversleep in the morning. This often leads to portraying an image of shabbiness and last minute operation. This can all be avoided by inscribing a time table using Google Tasks which will determine which activity must be done and in which preference. The most important thing to associate in a schedule is which activities will consume how much amount of time and when. This will determine your overall productivity within the course of the week. It is always advisable to have a timetable which outlines all the activities in the course of a day right down to the last minute. Sometimes unavoidable circumstances do occur which require our complete concentration but that will not be an everyday matter.
Prioritize each Task or Responsibility in Order of Importance
Time is the most important asset in your life. Similarly our interests, belongings and activities also play an important role in our life. We need to give precedence to each one of these factors when associating the time spent on each. Ideally the more time will be spent on activities which help you to achieve a higher level of productivity. To increase writing efficiency it is crucial that we spent time at a time which is conducive to producing good results. For example, some people may be more efficient at writing during the day. Others might be more productive writing at night. Each person knows which time is ideal for them to produce good results and they should prioritize accordingly. Another important aspect which highly intelligent people have an issue with is how to say no. If you are busy with something which is important, it is important to say no and shrug off anyone who is trying to distract you from your goals and objectives.
Stay Physically and Mentally Active Throughout the Course of Day
For efficient writing it is imperative that you develop an interlinked chain of thought from one section of the writing to the other. To achieve this you need to be mentally and physically active throughout the course of the day. A good writer will always be bustling in a spirited manner from one task to the next. Simple changes in your everyday routine will make a huge difference to your personality. Don’t sit down in one place for too long whether it is for a meal or even entertainment purposes. It is important that you don’t become lethargic or sluggish and this is why it is essential that you keep moving. Answering the phone while walking or standing will also help you to make better decisions. Stop multitasking it has a negative impact on overall efficiency. You shouldn’t feel exhausted or fatigued at any time during the day. Take a break and spend some time participating in sports which you enjoy.
The Art of Writing Tersely and Conveying the Message
“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter,” were the famous words of Blaise Pascal. Blaise Pascal was a famous French mathematician who played a fundamental role in the development of modern concepts of probability. He was the inventor of a device known as the Pascaline at that time also known as the arithmetic machine. The Pascaline was a mechanical device which is similar to a modern day calculator. Pascal’s contributions to mathematics are immeasurable. From the above quote we can also hypothesise that he understood that, concise writing requires time as well as hard work. This is exactly what professional writers are capitalizing on. They understand that quality work delivered punctually to meet a deadline will always have a high intrinsic value. Whether or not their services are conducive to the overall educational system is a controversial subject. At the same time teachers, professors and educators alike all know that they exist.
Limit the use of Caffeine and other Redundant Fermented Drinks
Writing using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation can easily be achieved by machines. The difference between a human writer and a machine is the human writer’s ability to portray emotion. Look at the works of Shakespeare, no machine can match the brutal pace of action and emotion that takes place simultaneously in his works. When we use caffeine or other hard drinks excessively our mind becomes numb to emotion. It starts to exist in a monotonous world where everything is occurring due to reason and no emotion. A composition which is void of emotion can hardly ever be called a work of art. A writer is an artist which uses skill to portray sympathy and empathy with the characters within their work. From motivational writers to professional story writers the usage of emotional language is fundamental to the success or achievement of their works.
Don’t Enthusiastically Set Too Complicated or Impossible Goals
Sometimes writers become so enthralled in their work that they become a little too anxious while setting goals. At the moment it may seem like an excellent idea to complete the work since you are so consumed with the whole idea. In reality what happens is that in the end we become more unsatisfied with the final version since we did not do justice with giving it proper time to develop into a complete parable. It is always advisable to set smaller goals which are easier to achieve rather than to set a goal which is unattainably large and long term. It is a combination of these smaller goals which will combine to develop into a long term goal which will be more practically achievable. Temporarily it may seem like a good idea to set a substantial goal since you are in the flow of writing but in the long term it will never turn out to be a good idea.

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