Tips to Pick the Right Lapel Pins to Wear on Your Suit

It is one thing to get lapel pins to add style and color to your suit. But, to be aware of ways to pick the right lapel pins to wear on your outfit, or to make sure you are wearing it also showcase its true essence. Otherwise, the result remains the same or even better off than using the pins in the first place.

Picking the right pins to wear on your suit is the bedrock of wearing the lapel pins appealingly!

For instance, are you aware that picking two or more lapel pins to wear on your suit is not the best of styles unless you are attending an event that warrants such method? The focus will be on the dress and not on you.

It is a tip of the iceberg; check out other suggestions on how to pick the right lapel pins to wear on your suit.

1. Wear the Lapel Pin Size That Fits the Suit Size

The essence of lapel pins is to invigorate your style, but that can’t happen if the size of the lapel pin does not match the suit size.

Since lapel pins come in different sizes, make sure you choose the appropriate size that fits your suit. The essence of this is to make sure your lapel pin fit the suit size perfectly, to add and not subtract from your personality.

2. Let Your Outfit Reflect Your Personality

The fundamental rule of fashion is that you choose an outfit that reflects your mood and character based on color and elegance, hence, put this into consideration when selecting your suit and lapel pin, the lapel pin is supposed to complement the style of the suit, and improve your look.

Blue, for example, is a calming color that reflects intelligence, sincerity, and peace and it works fine with the other cool colors such as gray, purple.

If you feel like you need to show your more intelligence side you can put on a blue suit then complement with a lapel pin with a gray tone; a purple lapel pin will fit as well. Blue likewise reflect boldness, if you want to feel bold you can also go for blue- is all good.

What about the black suit? A black suit is the most popular type of outfit and ideally black goes well with everything. But to do the extraordinary, consider a black suit with a lapel pin in rose gold. Also grey or other neutral colors can blend with a black suit.

For a tie with stripes, consider blending it with a lapel in similar striping colors, and in the case of a bold tie try to keep the lapel pin mute by going for a relatively light in color lapel pin.

Also, make sure the style of the lapel pin matches the cufflinks, belt buckle and every other hardware on the apparel as well as the pocket square and the handkerchief. Explore your creativity!

3. Let Professionalism Be Your Benchmark

What comes first in business is professionalism. Professionalism reflects not just in the mode of communication but also in the way of dressing.

Pick a lapel pin that genuinely reflects the professionalism of your workplace or business. It is more than fashion; this is making a lapel pin as part of your selling point. So choose an appropriate lapel pin that fits your business or occupation. You might as well want to consider picking custom lapel pins for your office wears!

4. Use Custom Pins

Custom lapel pins come in different styles, sizes, texture and design, which makes them perfect for the corporate world.

And of course, they are different from the everyday lapel pins because there is a touch of professionalism in them. They don’t just make you attractive and scintillating. But, they are also made for advertisement, marketing, corporate branding as well as the natural mode of identification in events and conferences. So, make sure you get the appropriate and authentic custom lapel pins.

But, where to get custom pins? You can get custom lapel pins from Vivipins– lapel pins from Vivipins are durable, elegant and affordable with different customize ideas.

Tips on how to wear lapel pins suit

Even after getting the right pins for your suit, you still need some furnish ideas on how to wear the lapel pins on your outfit in a stylish manner to make it more appealing.

Wearing a lapel pin on your suit is an easy and affordable way to tune your suit or attire to your style.

  • Tip 1: Wear it on the left side of the suit. It is the proper way to wear the lapel pin- place it on the left side of the lapel
  • Tip 2: The lapel pin should stand vertically upward on the lapel . To prevent the lapel pin from rotating why you move about, let the pin stand erect on the lapel also fasten it tightly to the front edge of the suit.
  • Tip 3: Adopt the modern style of wearing a long stem lapel pin. For a more modern form of wearing a long stem lapel pin- use the pin in such a way it shows on the front of the lapel in contrast to the conventional mode of wearing lapel pins. It prevents the visibility of the pin on the front of the lapel. It is, however, okay if you prefer a more conservative approach.


It is not enough to shop for lapel pins, are you buying for the right ones that caught the eye. Pick lapel pins are made to complement your suit not to diminish it.

Pick lapel pins to suit your style, pick the right size and pick to reflect professionalism in your workplace- custom lapel pins will be more suitable for this

Your proficiency in picking the right lapel pin for your suit matters. However, how you wear it is what makes you stand out in the crowd!

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