7 Tips on How to Survive Business Travel During the Holidays

The need for business travel had lessened as technology has made way for businesses to communicate with their clients from long distances, especially since business travel costs continuously increases by an average of 3.7 percent for hotels and 2.6 percent for flight costs this year.
However, business travel is essential for the growth of any business. Technology can’t replace the power face to face meetings. In-person meetings are proven to be more effective in closing deals compared to meetings done through phone or email.
A study by Oxford Economics estimated that 28 percent of current business agreements would be lost without in-person meetings, while around 40 percent of prospective customers were converted by face-to-face communications.
Business travel also has a huge job perk of creating a networking opportunity for your company. Many airlines have created lounges ideal for networking before you board, while hotels are beginning to build co-working lounge spaces for on-the-go travelers looking to make connections.
A survey by Virgin Atlantic travelers even revealed that one in five people have done business with someone they met on a plane.
Traveling can even improve staff engagement and retention.Allowing employees to explore and experience new cultures and places will leave them feeling happy, engaged, motivated, and productive. A different culture can also improve their creativity, providing them with a new perspective and maybe learn new and practical solutions for possible problems that may come the business’ way.
While it creates unique opportunities for growth and enjoyment, business travels are rarely smooth, even on a good day. Most people have a romanticized idea of business travels being the same as going on a holiday,but besides the obligations and responsibilities, there’s also the less-enchanting parts of traveling such as packed airports and delayed flights.
It can be especially difficult during the holidays. These times of the year is when it’s not just a few business travelers,and tourists are in the airports, train stations, or rental car offices. A lot of people travel to see their families or plan trips abroad since kids are off school and parents aren’t working around the holidays so you can bet bumper-to-bumper traffic and more crowded airports.
Delayed flights commonly occur in busy airports during holidays because of congestions. At least 25 of the busiest airports experienced delays or cancellations of 20% of their holiday flights. Time is a valuable asset for businesses. Any wasted time due to delays and cancellations can affect the efficiency and even the business’ revenue.
Moreover, some business travelers might prefer to spend their holidays in the comforts of their home, relax and enjoy their time with family and friends. They might not enjoy going on an enterprise trip which could affect business dealings. If they would rather be somewhere else, they might be off their game and botch the business deal.
Business traveling can leave you feeling grumpy and tired. As dismaying as these possibilities may seem, sending employees to meet potential and existing customers have certain benefits that can outweigh the costs of travelling.
Similar to any other travels, business traveling requires a well-thought-of plan. A well-prepared traveler would be able to avoid the headaches often associated with traveling and enjoy themselves during the most wonderful time of the year.Just follow these tips on this infographic by Hyryde on how to survive business travel during the holidays.
How to Survive Business Travel During the Holidays

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