Tire Pressure Defined- From Passenger Cars To Construction Heavyweights

Generally, people understand tire pressure as the amount of air that fills up a vehicle’s tires. As uninteresting as it seems, the air inside your tires can determine how well it performs and can even ensure the safety of everyone in a vehicle.

Filling your tires with enough air is critical to maintaining their form to ensure their stability and strength. Furthermore, enough air pressure also helps tires perform optimally. Conversely, over-inflating or underinflating them can result in various problems, such as deformities and overheating. Failing to maintain stable tire pressure can cause depletion and reduced lifespan.

The amount of tire pressure you need depends on the type of vehicle you are using. Passenger cars and small trucks only need a tire pressure of 30-35 PSI, while large trucks and any other similar-sized vehicles require a tire pressure of 50-105 PSI, depending on the tire size and model.

New driver or experienced, it is important to know how tire pressure works and how it affects your vehicle’s overall driving performance. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing material for all your tire pressure questions, this infographic will walk you through the basic concepts in detail, along with tips to follow and frequently asked questions.

Read it here.

Tire Pressure Defined

Infographic Source: https://triangletiresph.com/news-and-events/tire-pressure-defined-from-passenger-cars-to-construction-heavyweights/

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