Tips for Living Better with Osteoarthritis

Earlier one would assume that being afflicted with osteoarthritis was an inevitable part of aging and with its crippling consequences, it would be impossible to lead a normal life. However, with treatments having markedly improved; it is perfectly possible for the aged suffering from osteoarthritis to lead lives that are more normal. Some tips on how to prevent osteoarthritis and managing the disease:
Tackle Osteoarthritis with a Combination of Medicinal and Non-Drug Treatments
Being afflicted with arthritis can disrupt your lifestyle. It can be quite difficult to perform all the routine tasks that most people take for granted. Climbing stairs, cooking, or even wearing your clothes can prove to be troublesome, painful, and exhausting. While your doctor will prescribe medicines, you can improve the quality of your life by losing weight, undergoing physical therapy, as well as massages and alternative treatments like acupuncture. Focusing on nutrition, weight, and exercise will also help in preventing cardiac diseases and lupus.
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Strategies for Managing Arthritis to Preserve Quality of Life

  • Don’t keep your body immobile: When you have arthritis, there is a tendency for your joints to freeze when you are in one position for long. You should, therefore, always attempt to keep your body moving. Even when working at a desk, ideally you should get up every 15 minutes or so, walk around, and stretch your limbs so that your joints are kept mobile and your blood circulation in order. Make this a habit so that even when you are watching TV or reading, you remember to get up and loosen your joints.
  • Avoid physical stress: Do all that you can to avoid putting extra stress on your joints. For example, to open a jar lid, you could lean on it and use the force of your shoulder rather than your wrist to avoid stress. Using a jar opener mounted on the wall can free both your hands to turn the jar and open the lid.
  • Use your strength: Not all your joints are affected with arthritis so you can try and use your shoulder or arm to open a door to avoid stressing out the joints in your fingers or wrists. When climbing stairs, you should put more weight on the stronger leg.
  • Simplify life: Try and avoid all unnecessary activities and organize both your life and workspace so that frequently-used items are within easy reach. Use devices and tools that make life easier and let you avoid stressing your joints.

Arthritis can throw your life out of gear; however, by knowing how you can avoid stress, and by making changes to your lifestyle, you can still have a very satisfactory quality of life. Never lose hope and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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