10 Clever Hacks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Based on a July 2017 data from Expatistan, a monthly rent for a 900 sq. ft. unit in Singapore’sexpensive” area costs more than SGD 3,000.
However, not everyone can afford a big house that would fit their entire family. Thus, they would opt to acquire a smaller, more affordable unit; and cramp everything in.
As a result, the entire house looks and feels crowded.
Sure, living in a small house, apartment, or condo has its advantage. They are more affordable in terms of mortgage or rent, easy to maintain, and has a cozy charm. However, designing and decorating a small space can be a challenge.
Good thing, there are home décor and design tricks that you can do to make your small house look bigger. Moreover, these hacks allow you to find balance between design and functionality.
In line with this, Cash Mart Singapore published an infographic about clever design hacks you can do to make your home look bigger.
to Make Your Home Look Bigger
Infographic Source: https://cashmart.sg/small-condo-design-hacks/

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