Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers

This infographic provides inspired writers with the tips from Tolkien himself about what they should do and what shouldn’t, so that they could create a real masterpiece. What is more, the infographic is worth reading not only to develop yourself as a writer, but also to plunge into the fantastic world of the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring. We hope that after its being published, the world will get a new pleiad of talents. The tips presented are wholly authentic, since they are taken from Tolkien’s letters, being though edited by Humphrey Carpenter. To put it shortly, Tolkien claims that there is no use in vanity, in whining about misfortunes, in neglecting the critics and your interests while writing. He says that it is good when an author is driven by accident and that it is useful to learn how to write in prose through the path of poetry. Come on! Our infographic will guide you through the interesting writing world of Tolkien.Tolkien's 10 Tips For Writers

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