Toner Cartridges – Genuine OEM vs. Compatible vs. Remanufactured

Buying a toner cartridge is not an easy task (although it might sound like the one). Toner market offers different types of toner cartridges that differ from each other in price, quality, and output.
So, when you start shopping for the toner cartridge you are likely to encounter many options and therefore you better to know them in advance in order to make the right decision and to buy the exact type of toner cartridge your printer needs for the best performance and longer life.
Basically, all toner cartridges fall into one of the following categories:

  • genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • compatible
  • remanufactured

Each of these toner types has its own advantages such as price or page yield and disadvantages such as lower print quality or risk of malfunctioning. So, depending on your specific circumstances you might need different types of toner cartridges.
The infographic below walks you through everything you need to know about three main toner cartridge types in an easy-to-follow visual manner.
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