Top 10 Careers Where You Can Use Your Teaching Degree

All the skills and experience you obtained during teacher degree prepared you for a big range of good careers working with people. There are maybe a lot of reasons why you don’t want to join the rank of teachers – it was not your choice several years ago or you currently can’t find a suitable job with a respectable salary. It may also happen that you have worked for several years as a teacher and now you wish to change your occupation. If you wish to know what to do after teaching career, welcome to read our list of 10 possible careers after teaching.
No matter what specialization you’ve finished – in areas of biology, social sciences or linguistics, graduates from all educational institutions have a pack of perfect qualities for future professions.
Teaching Degree
Health educator
Such skills as verbal communication and providing people knowledge may be a good start for making a career in public healthcare. Of course, if this is close to your principles of daily life. The recruitment in healthcare facilities or high schools will demand some additional education in public health. You can take a course on a related theme or earn a master’s degree in health education. But don’t forget that success in such spheres is always earned by the example of the consultor. First, think if your lifestyle may be counted as “healthy.”
Manager, administrative work
The goal of every company manager is to plan, coordinate and improve worker’s skills and performance. Doesn’t this sound familiar for a teacher? Between all the jobs options the position of manager is probably one of the most beneficial.
Instructional coordinator
The instructional coordinator works on developing a curriculum for educational systems. In case you wish impact students day life, but not directly – this career would be a good choice for you.
If you have an intention to keep your teaching skills and to save the knowledge you’vegot, but you don’t have a will to hold classes in school or college – the best way is to give individual lessons. In most cases, they are more effective than regular groups and paid very well. You can make your own schedule and to vary it depending on your and your students’ timetable. You can make it your main job or take several hours a week – just to share your knowledge that will help you not to lose it.
Technical writer
This career reached top 50 as one of the most high-demand IT spheres today.A technical writer is a person who can make any difficult information simple and understandable for everyone. These are persons who can’t say “I don’t know” as everybody expects for qualified information from their side. Moreover, look at here now and you’ll find numerous rare examples of technical writings.
To become a librarian is a way more than only love to read books. A good librarian has not only a thirst for knowledge but also strives to regularize everything in the best way, to save information and make it accessible for many people.
Human resources recruiter
Human resources manager is a specialist who is in charge of employment of new workers for companies. Another important duty is developing an educational system for stuff and maintaining a healthy psychological atmosphere in a collective and stuff’s motivation. These are good leaders who are the people who studied for being a teacher.
Interpreters and translators
This career suits to foreign languages teachers. It’s great because it allows you to stay a life-long learner.
Museum educator or curator
Two last education degree jobs in our list are alike in many aspects. Museum educator is one of the most challenging and interesting job ideas for ex-teachers. It requires to be really sophisticated at a domain you are representing – you must for ready for any question from the side of visitors. Highly important that your performance (as we call the excursion) will engage all the public. You will constantly be working on developing new settings, to improve your charisma and oral skills.
Travel guide
Like the museum curator, this job will excellently use and increase such teacher’s qualities as charisma and sophistication. It’s really lovely profession which may be a dream job for someone. Just imagine how many adoring and enthusiastic eyes you may see every working day!
About the author: Helen Birkhas a bachelor degree at an educational sphere. She obtained a master degree in a public healthcare when she understood that a lot of her friends and relatives asks for a piece of advice to her about the nutrition and good-looking and she inspires people around to hold an active and healthy life by her own example.

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