Top 10 Chefs Of The World

Cedric Seguala; the CEO of the HACCP APP and CEO of ‘Secretsdecusine’ at Antibes. He is also currently a professional chef in France. This infographic has been prepared to highlight those successful names that have reached global spotlight and proudly enjoy the position of being part of the ‘Top 10 chefs of the World’ list.

Sounds pretty overwhelming, no? On the top of our list is Gordon Ramsay. Now that is a name that probably those not even associated with the food business know of. His immense contribution towards the culinary world has brought us to the conclusion- he is the best of the best and nothing less! Not just that but he is known for exposing the “ugly truth” about the culinary world.

Nowadays chefs have become increasingly popular, and for good reasons. Being a successful chef no longer means just spending several hours in the kitchen, staying at the hot stove and commandeering a brigade. There’s a lot to the life of a chef than just getting pots and pans out of their way.

And chefs like Marco Pierre White who has been in the industry for over 20 years, also had the opportunity of being mentor to many tremendous chefs-Curtis Stone being one of the most well-known students of his. Learn more about his journey and way to success by a brief summary of him and the other 9 expert chefs in the list that’ll nothing less than a source of inspiration.

Top 10 Chefs Of The World

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