Top 10 DevOps Books

DevOps is a culture and practice which is revolutionizing the IT industry, particularly software development. But what is DevOps? Well, the clue is in the name itself – Dev (for development) and Ops (for operations). DevOps teams are a combination of these two normally separate departments. The idea is that developers and operations teams should work together, which in turn leads to high quality software being produced faster and with less risk.
Other features of DevOps include short iterations (as opposed to one long project), continuous delivery (normally using automated systems), close team collaboration and effective communication. Customer feedback is also continuous, which means the DevOps team can make changes to the product according to what the customer wants. The lean concept of eliminating waste is also adhered to in DevOps. This means teams try not to waste things like time, talent, materials and quality.
Perhaps one of the best ways to learn about DevOps is by reading a book. Such books have been written by experts who have been there and done it. DevOps books are also handy to refer to when you’re in the midst of a stressful project.
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