Top 10 Sexiest Pinball Backglass Art

Backglass in pinball machines is the actual glass with the artwork printed on it. A pinball backglass art usually conveys a theme of blockbuster movies, pop culture, cartoons, rock and metal bands, futuristic, superheroes, and medieval fantasy. Most of these themes are suited for the boys; because they play pinball more likely than girls.

Moreover, designers of pinball games have taken the whole art of the game into some higher level of spicing things up. They knew what the players should see in their eye-catching backglass art, and these are the boys’ “fantasies”. Sexy themes such as girls in two-piece suit, sexy genies, medieval princesses, and exotic dancers have their own golden age in pinball games’ backglass arts.

Just in case you’re wondering about these sexy pinball backglass arts, here’s a must-see infographic by Pinball Sales Australia, the Sole Importer and Distributor of Jersey Jack Pinball Machines for sale in Australia, that will present you the top 10 sexiest pinball backglass designs.

Pinball Backglass Art
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