The Top 10 UNESCO World-Heritage Sites in Iran

Over the past years, the number of travelers visiting Iran has greatly increased, especially after the economic sanctions against the country has been lifted. With a rich heritage, colorful culture, and magnificent attractions, who can argue that Iran can be the next big luxury travel destination to beat?
Most people who travel to Iran has already heard of its colorful history. But certainly, there’s more to the country than what is seen in the news or what books reveal especially with the UNESCO sites that expose Persian roots through its architecture, ancient ruins, and historical sites.
The country, being home to one of the oldest civilizations, has an impressive list of 21 registered cultural sites with some belonging to the Pre-Islamic era, and others to the Post-Islamic period.
To explain further, this infographic from Inn Iran, the first modern platform that offers holiday rentals and short-stay accommodations, presents a list of the must-visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Iran that will take you on a tour to the country’s most spectacular attractions!
World-Heritage Sites in Iran

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