Top 5 M Performance Cars of all times

When you ask someone what is his criteria of buying a new car, the answer you’ll hear most likely is ‘performance’. Modern automakers have taken giant leaps in this regard and have manufactured some of the ultra-powerful cars. Now, what exactly is meant by performance? Car performance is in fact, a totality of engine output, transmission, aerodynamic effect, size of the tires and a few other things. One eyes at the acceleration ability, the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and driving experience in modern cars. With the arrival of turbocharged engines, the dream of producing cars with optimum performance has been materialized. In a cut-throat competition among the car manufacturers across the world to deliver the most high-performing product, BMW has not lagged behind. The M series produced by BMW is unrivaled in performance and a class-act in its own. Analyzing the performance-figures, specs and users’ response, we have picked top M performance cars of all times.
Top 5 M Performance Cars

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