Top 5 new cars to buy in the UK in 2018

Vehicles are used for transportation but now a days your vehicle is used to manage your status in society. People want a vehicle in which they get powerful engine with luxurious interior along with classy looks. The car producers work hard to be in the competition of making master pieces and made several changes in each model every year just to be on the demand of customers.
In order to be the best manufacturers of car introduces various fuel consuming engines. Diesel, petrol, gas and electric cars are in market from past many years. Every engine with vary fuel consumption have specific power. And now makes introduces hybrid models. VW introduces Golf GTE as a plugin hybrid and Mercedes also planning to introduce its big models with hybrid fuel system. Plugin hybrid sales increased 53.7% associated to the sales in the time period of 2016. Here we compile the utmost top 5 new cars of UK, so it can be easy for you to select one from that list as per your demand.
Top 5 new cars to buy in the UK in 2018

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