Top Fifty things to do in San Diego

With lots of beaches, summer sun and loads of fun- San Diego is a city that has a charm of its own. For the confused tourist looking for the best places to visit, we have picked up a list of top things to do in San Diego. Visit the city’s 1200-acre Balboa Park which houses a collection of museums.
Check out the world-famous San Diego Zoo which is the most visited in the US. Spend a day with Dolphins and splash around in amazing water rides at Seaworld San Diego. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset at La Jolla Cove Beach and Coronado Beach. Visit Belmont park- the cozy Beachfront Park in the city.
Scroll through the variety of artifacts at the San Diego Museum of Art. Admire the aquatic life in the Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. The list of beaches and summer attractions do not end here!
Go through Way’s list of San Diego attractions and choose the best tour activities for you.
Top 50 Things to Do in San Diego

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