Top Fifty things to do in Washington

The nation’s capital and a popular tourist spot, Washington is a treasure trove of national monuments and a variety of magnificent attractions. The city is home to not just the White House, but houses several national monuments and museums. Wondering what the best places to go in Washington are? Check out our comprehensive list of Washington Attractions to visit and top things to do in Washington.
Visit the United States Capitol building, which houses the legislative assembly of the Federal Government building. Marvel at the Greek Temple style architecture of the Lincoln Memorial with carvings done by Piccirilli Brothers. Aviation lovers can go through the exhibits at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
Head on over to the National Museum of Art, Jefferson Memorial and The National Mall with its many attractions including a large pool. Don’t miss out on the Smithsonian zoological park or the Pentagon either.
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Top 50 Things to Do in Washington

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