The Real Trade-Offs When Using Special-Purpose Deluge Sprinklers to Meet Fire

When it comes to the safety of people’s lives, it’s always best to go all out and ensure that they are protected from any harm. Unfortunate accidents are inevitable, which is why companies and building or property owners have the responsibility to disaster-proof their structures as much as possible.

There are several ways for them to go about their occupants’ protection. This includes incorporating robust materials in building construction, plotting and displaying evacuation routes and plans, and other safety measures against natural disasters like earthquakes and sudden fires.

However, some materials and safety precautions may not live up to their expectations. Some may not be as cost-effective as their counterparts. One such safety measure is the special purpose deluge sprinklers.

Deluge fire sprinklers are a part of the active fire protection system used to suppress a fire. It applies water to the fire’s area of origin and surrounding areas to put it out and prevent its spread and cools down structures to prevent them from collapsing. However, deluge sprinklers have been considered a trade-off for using fire-rated glazing.

Read on to learn the pros of deluge sprinklers and the implications of their use as part of your establishment’s safety measures.

Trade-Offs When Using Special-Purpose Deluge Sprinklers

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