Traffic Status and Behavior of Popular Cities During Peak Hours

Getting stuck in heavy traffic is something we all want to avoid. Congestions delay people from getting to work or coming home on time. Moreover, shipments arrive late and gas expenses from the time spent in traffic costs a lot. This shows that the traffic problem has a significant effect on the quality of life of commuters and motorists. Moreover, it greatly impacts economic growth.
Government officials and traffic planners have tried and tested many solutions. A few solutions they’re betting on are better public transportation systems, traffic regulations schemes, and car-pooling lanes to ease the congestion. Some cities resorted to desperate methods, such as implementing car bans on specific days of the week on vehicles with license plates that end in even or odd numbers. On the other hand, innovative solutions are rising to save people time out of the gridlock, such as taking urban mobility to the skies.
Here’s an infographic that illustrates the traffic status and behaviors of the top cities during peak hours. See how road congestions affect your daily life.
Traffic Status and Behavior of Popular Cities During Peak Hours

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