Travel & Feast Like Hemingway

Why are Ernest Hemingway’s books so special? Many readers love how tastefully he describes having meals in each one of his books. It’s like you are almost there eating along with the characters. If you want to experience that in real life, check out the infographic and see for yourself where Hemingway or his book characters have usually dined.

If you are not really a Hemingway fan than there is also some general information about each cafe or restaurant so you can make a decision whether to choose this one or not. Some of them were opened in the 18th century so there is a lot of history in them. Some just have a nice comforting atmosphere or traditional Cuban music playing along day and night.

So just go ahead and have some paella in Casa Botin in Madrid and then savor a glass of beer in Cafe Iruna in Pamplona.Travel & Feast Like Hemingway

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