Travel the world in 8 cheeses

It doesn’t matter where in the world you travel; you can find examples of the same food done in different ways. In this infographic, ROL Cruise, the UK’s No.1 independent cruise specialist looks at various cheeses from around the world. Exploring everything from queso fresco in Mexico to Sakura cheese in Japan, it just goes to show how much of an impact culture and location can have on a product.
Packed full of interesting facts and great tips on how to eat, this infographic will sure have you hungry for travel by the end of it. Learn about queso fresco from Mexico, cheese curds from North America, Jarlsberg from Norway, Roquefort from France, mozzarella from Italy, halloumi from Greece, paneer from India and Sakura cheese from Japan.
The accompanying article talks to local foodies from some of these countries and finds out what this cheese may mean to them and their culture. It also takes a deeper look into how and where the cheeses are produced, and how you should try them whilst in that country.
Travel the world in 8 cheeses
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