Travel Guide: You first trip to Maui

With so many of the world’s top tourist destination, where to go next? No matter what kind of traveler are you—laid back or adventure seeker, Maui has definitely something in store for you. From its sunny beaches to a colder upper town, this island in Hawaii is pegged to be the world’s next top tourist destination today.
Maui, Hawaii is probably one of the most prominent islands in the Pacific Ocean. Named as the best island in America for 23 years consecutively, Maui has gained a reputation that it is truly a must see and a must experience place for its scenery, natural resources, culture, food and people.
If you’re planning your first trip to this tropical paradise but has no idea where to begin, this infographic will help you decide when to go, where to stay, what to see and what to do while in vacation. See you in Maui!

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