Trump Tax Fraud Timeline

Here is an infographic on the tax legalities behind Trump’s alleged tax schemes, dating back from his business background to the present day. With so much Trump coverage out there of particular political rhetoric, I wanted to explore Trump’s finances and purported tax fraud from a purely academical and accountancy-based point of view. It’s quite clear that regardless of political alignment, Donald Trump (and perhaps his advisors) has engaged in some very questionable accountancy practices. We found a number of key financial fraud laws that seem to have been broken over the years by Donald Trump. These stories were verified by the NY Times and Washington Post. Certainly, from a qualified accountant’s perspective, the IRS would look very unfavorably upon all of the activities described, and there appears to be a clear trend of tax avoidance over the years using a variety of schemes. My goal was to create an unbiased, factual resource on the allegations and lay them out clearly, with each fraud type explained and summarized. I tried to avoid conjecture.
Trump Tax Fraud Timeline
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