Truths and Myths about Hypnosis

You may have heard of hypnotherapy or hypnosis. Unfortunately, the technique became known in shows and TV shows where people were induced, for example, to eat an onion thinking it was an apple. In addition to sensationalism, this type of hypnosis only helped to create many myths and prejudice around hypnotherapy.
Today, Hypnotherapy is now recognized as an important therapeutic tool indicated for certain psychiatric conditions and even as a very effective method to increase immune resistance in patients with disabilities.
But there are still many myths and half-truths being told about this therapeutic technique. Can we be hypnotized even against our will? When a person is hypnotized, does he really do everything the hypnotist suggests? Is there a chance of not returning from the trance?
If you are intrigued and do not know for sure what are myths and truths about hypnosis, check the Infographic bellow to better understand hypnosis.

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