Types of Entrepreneurs and Their Personality Traits

Much as we have different types of people in spheres of life, we meet and do business with different types of entrepreneurs. It is only smart of an entrepreneur to learn how other entrepreneur think, perceive and behave towards people and things by learning their behavioral patterns.

That is why I looked into 5 types of entrepreneurs based on their behavioural traits that can be found in animals that have been studied in details over the years. Learn how some entrepreneurs think and why they do or react the way they do in 5 Types of Entrepreneurs and Their Personality Traits.

  1. Eagle Type of Entrepreneurs: They face their problems squarely with no fear at all. They are not threatened by the size of the problem (prey), they would rather give a fight good enough to win. They are great at problem-solving  and are never-say-never type.
  2. Horse Type of Entrepreneurs: They are full of energy and passion. They speak eloquently and are always aspiring to be more and do more. They are quite telepathic and respond sensibly to people’s situations and actions.
  3. Shark Type of Entrepreneurs: They love taking risks. They have an eye for new opportunities and jump on them as quickly as they can. They posses loud character that tends to overshadow those around them. They connect with people well and fast, as they relate with each person based on their perception of such person.
  4. Rhino Type of Entrepreneurs: You can count on them because they are strong and will always have your back, if they trust you. They rarely trust those they don’t know. They are quite stubborn and hardly fit into a team.  They are the smooth-talking type who badly hates to lose.
  5. Monkey Type of Entrepreneurs: Talk of curiosity and adventure, they are on top of it. They act fast and are strong still. They enjoy helping others because they are naturally caring. They can be sneaky and witty. They enjoy being the ‘bad’ or ‘mischievous’  type because they see it all as fun.

Types of Entrepreneurs and Their Personality Traits

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