Common Types of Home Damage: Prevention and Response

As a homeowner it’s important to take preventative measures to protect your family and your investment from various types of home damage. The most common types of home damage happen as a result of fire, water damage, or storm damage, whether electrical or from high winds.
This infographic from Metropolitan Contractors details these three types of home damage, and provides tips for preventing these disasters before they occur. Sometimes with things like water damage or storm damage, there is simply no way to prevent the cause of damage, and we’ve provided helpful tips on what to do first in the event of an emergency.
These three types of home damage account for billions of dollars in damage in the United States alone each year. By taking simple preventative steps like having your pipes checked regularly, or removing any dead trees around your house, you can save yourself money, and headaches later. Not to mention, you and your family can rest easier knowing that your home is as safe as it can be.
Common Types of Home Damage
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