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A Simple Guide To Types of Scaffolding

There are various types of scaffolding available for safe work. The contractors choose the scaffolding type as per the building construction work. Let’s first understand about the scaffolding.

Scaffolding is nothing but a provisional structure to provide appropriate support to the original structure as well as it also provides a platform so that the workers can work with complete safety.

Different Types of Scaffolding:

Trestle Scaffolding:

In this kind of scaffolding, the working platform is supported on movable ladders or tripods.

Steel Scaffolding:

This scaffolding is easy to assemble as well as to dismantle. Steel tubes are used to make steel scaffolding and these tubes are set jointly with steel accessories, fittings and couplers.

Patented Scaffolding:

This is the similar type of steel scaffolding however patented scaffolding is fitted with special couplings and frames.

Suspended Scaffolding:

This kind of scaffolding is generally used for painting and repair works. With the help of chains and wires, the working platform is suspended from the roofs. A worker can lower it or lift it as per the requirements.

Cantilever Scaffolding:

The standards are supported by a chain of needles in cantilever scaffolding. After that, the needles are pulled out via holes in the wall.

Single Scaffolding:

The name says all. This kind of scaffolding is used for brickwork. So this is called a brick layer scaffolding as well.

Double Scaffolding:

This type of scaffolding is normally used for stonework. That’s why double scaffolding is also known as a mason’s scaffolding. It’s also known as the independent scaffolding.

Kwikstage Scaffolding:

This type of scaffolding is the most appropriate one as it’s easy to assemble and erect. The hard wearing galvanised steel is used to manufacture the Kwikstage system.

Types of Scaffolding

Infographic Source: https://www.turboscaffolding.com.au/blog/scaffolding-types-with-their-uses/

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  1. This is great information about scaffolding. There are some construction projects in my neighborhood, and I have been curious about the types of scaffolding I have seen. I didn’t realize that there was scaffolding that actually hung down from the roof on cables. It makes sense that that could be really helpful for painting.

  2. I drove past a house getting worked on my way to work and I noticed that they were setting up scaffolding. I have been curious if there are other types of scaffolding for different projects ever since. That is really cool that there are different types of scaffolding! That is cool that double scaffolding is used for stonework. Thank you for all the information!

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