Types of Tents and Their Uses

Canvas shelters come in all manner of shapes, sizes and designs. These variations set the difference as to which canvas will serve what purpose. Being able to understand these factors make it easy when shopping for the right one to use in your event. Let us have a look at some of the most popular tents in the market.

Pole tent

You have certainly seen them in outdoor weddings. They are the ones with tips and dips in their structure. These come about as a result of the protruding poles used to erect the canvas. Their beautiful and stylish appearance is the reason behind their huge popularity.

Frame tent

The outstanding feature in this type of tent is its freestanding metal frame. It usually makes the installation process quite easy. The frame can be placed on almost any type of surface. This versatility brings about lots of conveniences when picking the venue. What follows next is covering the frame with the canvas and it is good to go. You will have enough ceiling space to set up your lighting and décor.

Marquee tent

Whoever came up with this canvas shelter design must have wanted the convenience of a frame tent and the poise of a pole tent at the same time. A combination of these two elements makes it the best tent you could ever use in any event. They give you the advantage of enjoying double benefits.

Beach style tent

Its name just tells you the type of environment it would fit in. Anybody thinking of organizing a beach wedding should go fo this tent. It has a frame made of wood and a very light fabric for obvious reasons. A heavy canvas will hinder the free flow of the ocean breeze. That is the last thing you need when in such an environment.

Clear tent

The clear tent is just a marquee tent with a clear fabric canvas. It is ideal for people who want to enjoy nature and get captivated by the picturesque environment. When night falls, your guests will get to enjoy the view of a clear night sky and experience the magical feeling of dancing under the moonlight.


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