Valium Dosage Forms and Types of Valium Pills

Valium (Diazepam) is a benzodiazepine primarily used to treat anxiety and nervousness. It also helps to cope with alcohol withdrawal, relax muscles, and prevent and manage certain types of seizures.

About twenty percent of patients misuse Valium. That means they are not careful with dosage and allotted times of administration or use the pills in the wrong way (e.g. snort the pills intended for oral intake). Such irresponsible behavior can result in side effects that include drowsiness, tiredness, diarrhea, rash, and ataxia (loss of balance). Taking Valium for longer than prescribed can end up with becoming addicted to it.

Though Valium is a prescription medication, it is sold illegally online and in the streets. Addiction Resource authors warn people again consuming counterfeits. It can lead to perilous or even lethal consequences.

Now when you know this information, it may seem quite scary to be treated with Valium. If you comply with your physician’s recommendations, the risk of any side effects is low. And the effectiveness is high as Valium is more popular than its alternatives.

When you get Valium at a drug store, make sure you have bought the correct medication. View the images of Valium pills in the given infographic and identify your product by color and imprint.Valium pill identifier
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