The UK regions with the best drivers

In their latest study, temporary car insurance broker Dayinsure looked to discover which of the UK’s regions is home to the best drivers. By surveying a selection of the public from around the United Kingdom, they learned of some of the most common bad driving habits and found which regions of the UK were most notorious for them. The habits they explored included checking your mobile phone whilst in traffic; driving after drinking alcohol; eating, drink or smoking at the wheel and more.
From the results they determined their final ranking. The infographic shows the final ranking positions of all 10 regions, as well some of the standout statistics for the top finishers. Featuring some of the bright Dayinsure characters, the infographic is a great overview of the full report.
In the accompanying article, you can find out the full statistics for each region. So, whether you are from the South West or London, take a look to find out whether your driving habits match that of your regions. As well as that, there are some quotes from residents of each area who reflect on the results and whether they find them justified.
UK regions with the best drivers
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