The ultimate guide to beer around the world

This new infographic from ROL Cruise displays some of the best beer producing countries around the world for a keen traveller and beer drinker. Called ‘The ultimate guide to beer around the world’, this infographic takes you around the globe to talk about some of the best brews and their home countries.
Featuring cerveza in Mexico, craft beer in Canada, stout in Ireland, Belgian-style ale in Belgium, Bock in Germany, Pilsner in the Czech Republic and light beer in China, everyone is sure to find a beer they like on this infographic. As well as that, find out the top brew and brand to try, as well as some interesting information about beer brewing in that country.
The accompanying article goes into even more detail about each country, with first-hand accounts by travellers who have been there as well as suggestions on brews, bars and more. Perfect for beer lovers and travel lovers alike.
ultimate guide to beer around the world
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