The Ultimate Guide to Machete Safety

Machete is one of the most versatile tools in the world. It can be used in camping, outing, clearing brush, collecting fire wood, survival and so on. At the same time, machete is dangerous too if it is not handled with proper knowledge. New users find some common problems while pros may hurt themselves because of neglecting safety measures.

We tried to find an infographic on machete safety but was unsuccessful. So decided to make our own. Good infographic comes from well research. So we started our journey. While doing our research, we found different types of problems of using machetes like blisters, hard grip, machete slippage, hitting knee and hand and so on.

From our research we found out the most common problems and thought about how experts and beginners could remain safe from them. So we addressed the most common problems in our infographic and safety measures on how to remain safe from fatal injuries. We also mentioned some pro tips.

We believe both newbie and experts will find this infographic useful.

Ultimate Guide to Machete Safety
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