Ultimate list of 10 roommates to avoid

When you move in with new roommates, you are often hesitant to ask them personal questions. With time you slowly start learning about their habits, their way of living, their comfort zone. But, sometimes it happens that when you learn these things, you end up not liking them. From lending money to not respecting the privacy, from untidiness to irresponsibility, the list of roommate issues is never ending. This is when you realize that a short introduction to each others’ habit don’t hurt anyone. The idea is not to investigate them, just a formal introduction of the habits¬† to find out whether you are comfortable with them. Compatibility is an important factor between roommates. Living with someone who is not compatible with you can lead to difficult situations. Situations like these are not good for your personal and professional life. This is why websites like Grabhouse always help people in finding compatible roommates. The real question is, what kind of flatmates are you supposed to avoid?

If you are looking for a new roommate, here’s an ultimate list 10 ultimate roommates that you need to avoid-Ultimate list of 10 roommates to avoid

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