Ultimate Rug Guide

Making your house a home involves furnishing it with interesting elements that can transform the way it looks and feel. Every room in your house could use a good rug that can unify your room’s color scheme, anchor your furniture, or add a warm, comforting vibe to your chosen space.

But you might be thinking that all rugs are just the same. After all, it is just all too easy to pick one from your favorite shop. We just have to disabuse you with that notion. Rugs are as varied as other home pieces, such as the raw materials being used and the amount of time and effort poured on the finished product.

A flat weave rug is traditionally fashioned from wool or cotton. It’s characteristically light-weight and can be easier to move around. They are best in tying your living space together with its stylish and cozy look. A machine-made rug, on the other hand, is made out of power loom. Since they are woven by machines, they are made faster and the designs are often mass-produced. There are also rugs that are best used outdoors. They are usually resistant to molds and mildew.

When choosing a rug, make sure that you have examined your space and determined the size of the rug that you will be getting. You should also consider the layout and style of your room. What are you trying to aim with your rug, a bland look to make your furniture stand out or a bold one that will make a statement. Getting the most out of them ultimately depends on your choice.

Read this infographic to give you more ideas on your quest to find the best rug for your home.

Ultimate Rug Guide

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