UNICEF Statistics on Education in Nigeria

Recent UNICEF stats on Nigerian children who are currently out of school, for various reasons, has further cast gloom on the ‘bright future’ of the country.
It turns out Nigeria has the highest number of school children (children who ought to be in school actually) in the world. But, only minority of these children are in school as at the time UNICEF released this report.
Children under 15 years of age make up 40.9% out of the 195 million Nigerian population.
This normally should be a thing of pride to the most populous black nation in the world. But, not being able to adequately educate the future of the country calls for urgent attention.
If the Nigerian government knows or appreciate this colossal damage being done to the country in advance is another point entirely. There have been cases whereby the government cook up favorable figures to discredit reports like this from international bodies.
The most important thing is that all Nigerians (home and abroad) must rise up to this challenge and work together to ensure that the number of Nigerian children who are out of school drastically reduces in no time.
UNICEF Statistics on Education in Nigeria
Infographic source: https://safsms.com/blog/school-children-nigeria-infograph/

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