UnZip the Power of Real Spying, NSA vs Spy Apps

NSA’s spying when compared to spying apps results in quite a lot of intrigue. The intentions with which either of the two is used are completely different. While the NSA spying is claimed to be used for monitoring to ensure that our safety is maintained and to keep a check over the crime rates, facts about it are still very shocking. The information it collects breaches people’s privacy. Whatever the purpose behind them conducting such monitoring is beside the point because no one can feel that their lives are private anymore. Furthermore, they also keep all information for a period of 5 years which further makes it uneasy to think of.In comparison, spying apps are nothing of this sort. The purpose for which these are used is more focused and has a reason behind it. These are used to guard and protect our loved ones or to increase business. It allows one to have peace of mind while keeping a check on employees or on children and their activities.
This info graphic reveals the differences between the kind of spying which occurs by NSA and by the spy apps. It shows that despite NSA claiming to be safeguarding American citizens; it is in fact the spying apps which contribute a great deal more to the safety of the American people.

UnZip the Power of Real Spying, NSA vs Spy AppsOriginal Infographic at http://www.theonespy.com/unzip-the-power-of-real-spying-nsa-vs-spy-apps/

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