4 Practical Benefits of Using SEO for your Local Business (An Ingenious Guide not be missed at any cost)

Today the world has become a tiny place where everything is easily accessible thanks to modern technology.
It has become easier for people to pull up their favourite search engine to do a little research and find out what they are looking for.
Here’s the truth…There are times when you are looking to buy your favourite fiction book that your friend recommended or get a Mickey Mouse-themed cake for your 4-year-old son’s birthday. How do you find it? Of course by browsing through your favourite search engine.
Keep reading: In the same way, your customers are looking for products or services that you are selling through your local business on reputed search engines like Google.
This surprised us: Did you know that nearly 1/3rd of all Google searches have local intent? Also, of those searches, 76% look at the local business online and go there to buy the products and services. The results are even higher on mobile devices as 50% of all search results consists of a map – this goes to show that Google believes search has a local intent.
We’re not going to lie to you…If you are not using SEO for your local business, you are surely missing big time on attracting quality website traffic and generating higher revenue for your local business.
What’s the bottom line here? The only way to resolve this concern is by using SEO for your local business to drive more and more people to your local business, irrespective of whether it is a big one or small.
Keep reading: In the forthcoming sections of this blog, we have highlighted the practical benefits of using SEO for your local business.
But, before we delve into that subject it is important to understand how exactly does SEO for local businesses work?
Keep reading: SEO for local businesses is conducted to promote the business’ visibility on location-based searches.
It is done to ensure that your business gets found on reputed search engines like Google when people search for your products and services locally.
Now that you have information about SEO for local businesses, as promised let us look at the practical benefits of using SEO for your local business.

Helps you to attract your target audience in a timely manner thereby increasing your website traffic and generate from revenues from it

Here’s the truth: By using SEO for your local business, you are giving your business an opportunity to get enough exposure at the right time to help you convert visitors into customers.
The beauty of getting your local listing on reputed search engines like Google through SEO is that it helps the visitors to find what they are looking for.
For example; if you have a bookstore in Adelaide by using the local business listing you can target your local business on Google. The next time visitors search with the keywords “bookstores in Adelaide” Google will showcase your business right at the same time the visitors are looking for a bookstore in Adelaide giving relevant exposure to your business.
All this is possible with the help of performing SEO for your local business.

Local directory submissions help you get more leads and dominate the top of search results page ensuring more exposure to your local business

There are certain reputed online directories like Yelp, Citysearch, Foursquare among others that will help give more visibility to your local business, thanks to SEO.
It will show the name of your business, phone number, address and certain times additional information like business description and menu.
The best part? Local directories usually help in generating curiousity for your local business which ultimately results in your local business listings to come on top of reputed search engines.
By conducting local directory marketing the right way it is possible to get a higher conversion rate than traditional forms of advertising.
This surprised us: There are certain directories that can get you a maximum of 50% conversion rate.
This means that it is possible for you to get maximum exposure for your local business using these local directory submissions.

Helps you to derive the maximum benefit out of your local business by getting it listed on top of Google search engine using Google My Business Listings

Here’s the deal: Google My Business is a free listing provided by Google that helps your chances of getting your local business on top of the search results page.
The best part? The top 3 results on the first page are also known as “3-pack” or “map pack” which will give your local business a competitive edge over others.
Why is this important? Unfortunately, not many local businesses are still aware of this feature.
What’s the bottom line here? This gives you a perfect opportunity to get your business promoted on Google earlier than your competitors. The best part? By the time they learn about it, you will be far ahead in terms of generating revenue from leads obtained from the search engine.
This surprised us: The great thing about Google My Business is that it is completely free.
Keep reading: You can even use Apple Maps to get maximum out of your local business through online mediums like Siri and voice search on iPhones.

Helps your local business to gain trust and creditability amongst your target audience through online reviews

Here’s the truth: There are lots of companies that do not realise that local SEO is not so much about rankings than online customer reviews.
If your local business comes on top of the search results page on Google it means that your local business is getting required attention from your target audience.
Keep reading: It means that your local business is more trusted than the organic search results and of course paid results.
What’s the bottom line here? The online customer reviews that get reflected on your local business listing ensures that your target audience gains the trust of your business.
It will also give you the much-needed creditability which will go a long way in ensuring great future revenue for your local business.
It is high time for you to start using SEO for your local business, in case you have not started yet.
In case you need any help while implementing the SEO strategies for your local business, get in touch with a professional SEO consultant to generate more online traffic and revenue for your organisation.

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