VAT Cheat Sheet

Are you a VAT taxpayer and have a lot of questions about how it works? This brief guide will help you deal with this issue step by step.

You will understand this in an easy way. Fears and worries will be a thing of the past. You will understand from what amount of income you need to register with the tax inspections.

You will know how to make checks for services or goods with additional information, how you can VAT be refunded?

How you can find out the amount of VAT? It is easy, there is a coefficient that needs to be multiplied by the cost of a product or service and you will find out the price including VAT.

But there is a more convenient way to find out the amount of VAT, this you can be easily calculated using special online calculators.

The deadlines for filing a tax return will be indicated in your account after registration. And you will do everything right and on time!


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