Very British Versions of World Wonders and Iconic Buildings

Here in Britain, we’ve got a rich and varied history, and you can hardly move for museums, notable sites and other historical attractions. Not to mention teashops. And pubs. But we digress…
Everyone’s heard of Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge, but we think there are a whole load of lesser-known attractions dotted across our green and pleasant land that can give some of the world’s biggest and best-known sights a run for their money.
So join us as we pit the likes of Cheddar Gorge against the Grand Canyon, and Ben Nevis against Mount Everest in a highly unbiased and scientific analysis, to see which comes out on top.
We’ve made sure to mix natural and man-made, new and old, to show off the mix of amazing sites we have in Britain.
We compared age, size, cost and visitor numbers, but most importantly, the price of a cup of tea at each location. The results speak for themselves…
Very British Versions of World Wonders and Iconic Buildings
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