Veteran’s Affairs: Benefitting from a Broken System

It’s no secret that the United States’ VA system is broken. The same legislators who are so quick to send our brothers and sisters to war are the same ones who starve the VA for funds and let our returning soldiers languish in the backlog, or wait in ill health for their benefits to kick in.
Of our 1.6 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, 45 percent are seeking service-related disability claims. Under responsible leadership, their healthcare needs would be included in the price tag of waging war, but this doesn’t seem to be the way things are done.
It can take six months for an American soldier to secure a primary care appointment and two years to receive a disability rating. And when war exacts such a high physical and psychological toll, that kind of delay often means the difference between life and death.
If you’re returning from deployment and need assistance filing your claim, this infographic should help take some of the mystery out of the process.Veteran's Affairs
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