WABI-SABI: A Primer On Japanese Interior Design Principles

An old Japanese idea with roots in Zen philosophy is wabi-sabi. “”Wabi”” is a Japanese word that signifies simplicity and flaws. The adage “”less is more”” is true in this situation. In contrast, “”Sabi”” alludes to accepting life and aging for what they are.

They unite to establish a philosophy that encourages finding beauty in complexity, impermanence, and imperfection. It also draws its primary inspiration from nature and all of its unique qualities. Wabi-sabi is generally the appreciation of life, age, and imperfections without being consumed by the world’s materialistic concerns.

Wabi-sabi is frequently used in art, culture, and everyday objects, but it is also prominent in Japanese interior architecture. The interior of the house should be made of natural materials like wood, steel, and stone and should be painted in earth tones and rusty hues.

Wabi-sabi is a design concept that emphasizes finding beauty in flaws. It encourages liberation from social constraints, acceptance of the imperfections in nature, and simplicity in the face of chaos.

This infographic explains wabi-sabi in detail, including how it might look in your condo unit and how it can enhance your well-being.


Infographic Source: https://federalland.ph/articles/wabi-sabi-japanese-interior-design/

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